License Agreement - A Format

Here is a format of a License Agreement. The Licensee here approached the Licensor to grant him a license to use a part of the Premises owned by the Licensor for and as a temporary residential accommodation. By way this agreement the Licensor is granting the said license in favour of the Licensee. Please click the link provided below to download a PDF version of the format Agreement.



THIS  AGREEMENT made  this ___ day  of ___, Two Thousand and Eleven B E T W E E N ___________, son of ____________, by Nationality Indian, by faith _________, by occupation ________, residing at _________________, hereinafter called the “LICENSOR” of the ONE PART A N D ___________, son of ____________, by Nationality Indian, by faith _________, by occupation ________, having permanent residence at _________________ ___________________, hereinafter called the “LICENSEE” of the OTHER PART.

WHEREAS the Licensor is the owner of the Premises being Municipal Holding No. __, situate and lying at ______________, within the limits of Ward No. __ of ________ Municipality and the Licensee approached the Licensor for using a part of the said Premises being a self-contained residential flat on the Ground Floor more fully described in the Schedule hereto (hereinafter referred to as the ‘said property’) for temporary accommodation and/or location for his residence for a period not exceeding 11 months from the date of execution of this Agreement to which the Licensor has agreed to grant reserving for himself the care, maintenance and services to the said property and on the basis of leave and license only (which expression shall stand ipso facto revoked on the expiry of the said terms.

NOW IT IS EXPRESSLY AGREED and declared by and between the parties as follows:-
1.    This writing shall never be construed as any tenancy agreement or lease nor otherwise creating any other rights or interest in the property in favour of the licensee which is not at all the intention of the parties, but on the contrary merely a temporary agreement or arrangement simply to allow the licensee to use and occupy the said property under the control and supervision of the owner/licensor.
2.    The Licensor hereby grants the Licensee a license of a temporary accommodation for 11 months from the date hereof in respect of the schedule mentioned property on the terms and conditions as stated hereinafter.

3.    The Licensee shall in consideration of the accommodation as aforesaid for the period of 11 months shall pay Rs.___/- (Rupees ____________) only per month without any delay or default as stated hereinafter.

4.    If the Licensee fails to pay the license fees and other charges as prescribed herein provided for two months or fails to observe any of the terms and conditions herein stated, the Licensor shall be entitled to terminate the license even before the expiry of the said term of 11 months without prior notice to the Licensee and in that event the Licensee shall hand over peaceful and vacant possession of the licensed portion of the Premises to the licensor without any delay.
5.    The Licensee shall pay electric charges for consuming electricity as per the reading of the Meter having consumer No. ________________ installed separately for recording the electricity consumed by the Licensee. The Licensee shall pay electric charges monthly directly to the Licensor as per the electric bill to be issued by the _____ authority.

6.    The Licensee has this day paid a sum of Rs.____/- (Rupees ____________) only as an interest free advance/security deposit which shall be refunded at the end of the tenure of this Agreement and the Licensor doth hereby admit the receipt thereof. In the event of earlier termination of the license on any of the grounds mentioned herein the said amount will be returned by the Licensor to the Licensee subject to other terms and conditions hereto.

7.    The Licensee shall on expiry of the period of 11 months of license hereby granted or in case of earlier revocation thereof surrender the peaceful and vacant possession of the said property to the owner/licensor when and only in such event he will be entitled to get refund of the said advance/security deposit lying with the Licensor after deduction of outstanding dues, if any. The Licensee shall not transfer, assign and/or sublet the said property or any part thereof to any other party.

8.    a)    The Licensee shall use the property for domestic/residential purpose only.
b)    The Licensee shall pay the license fee along with the Electric charges as aforesaid within the 10th day of every English calendar month for which it shall be lying due to the Licensor.
c)    The Licensee shall not alter the premises without prior permission in writing of the Licensor.
d)    The Licensee shall be responsible to maintain and repair and/or alter at his own cost all minor faults in respect of water supply fittings, electrical fittings at his licensed premises.
e)    The Licensee shall not assign or sublet the said property or any part thereof to any other person nor share accommodation with any third party, in other words the license hereby granted is not transferable.
f)    The Licensee shall not keep or preserve any goods/articles which are inflammable/ combustible in nature or prohibited under the laws of the land.
g)    The Licensee shall not create any heavy sound or cause any nuisance which may cause disturbance to the other co-habitants of the building.
h)    The Licensee shall permit the Licensor or his servants and agents from time to time during reasonable hours in the day time on 24 hours notice with or without workmen and others to enter the licensed premises to view the state of repairs and conditions of the same and of all defects.
i)    The Licensee shall maintain the said property in good order and condition. The Licensee shall be responsible for any damage or deterioration that may happen in the licensed premises as a result of any acts or omission or negligence on the part of the licensee.

j)    Both the parties hereto shall have the right to terminate or revoke the agreement before the expiry of the agreed period of 11 months by giving 1 one month advance notice.


……. Description of the said property …….

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto set and subscribe their respective hands on this day month and year above written.

W I T N E S S E S :


Signature of Licensor

Signature of Licensee


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