Format Power of Attorney

This is a format of a Power of Attorney. Here the Attorney is being authorized to sell a particular property. A link to download PDF version of the format is given below after the format.

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT I, _______________, son of ________________, by Nationality – Indian, by faith ________, by occupation – ____________, residing at _________________ (with Police Station) state as follows:-
WHEREAS I am the sole and absolute owner of ALL THAT piece and parcel of Bastu (Homestead) land admeasuring _________, be the same a little more or less, more fully described in the Schedule written hereunder, forming the part and parcel of this Power of Attorney and is hereinafter referred to as the ‘said property’. I have become owner  of the  said property by virtue of a Deed of Sale dated _________ duly registered in the office of A.D.S.R.O. at ____________  and entered in Book No. I, Volume No.___, Pages ___ to _______, Being No._______ for the year ________.
AND WHEREAS I intend to sell the said property to prospective buyer thereof. For this purpose I require to appoint a person as my lawful attorney.

NOW BY THIS POWER OF ATTORNEY executed at ___________ on this the ____ day of ______ 2011, I, _______________ do hereby nominate, appoint, constitute _____________, wife of _____________, by Nationality – Indian, by faith ________, by occupation – _________ and residing at __________________________, as my true and lawful Attorney for me and in my name and on my behalf to do or cause to be done the following acts, deeds, matters and things that is to say: -
    1.        To negotiate on terms for and to agree and to enter into and conclude any agreement for sale in respect of the said property with any intending purchaser or purchasers at such price or prices which my said attorney, in her absolute discretion, thinks proper and/or to cancel and/or repudiate the same.
   2.       To receive from the intending purchaser or purchasers any earnest money and/or advance money and also the balance of the consideration money on completion of such sale and to give good, valid receipt and discharge for the same which will protect the purchaser/s without seeing the application of the money and to deposit the sale proceeds in my account.
3.        Upon such receipt as aforesaid in my name on my behalf and as my acts and deeds to sign, execute and deliver any deed/s of sale, conveyance/s of any number in respect of the said property in favour of such purchaser/s or their nominee or nominees or assignee.
4.        To present any such Deed or Deeds of sale, conveyance or conveyances or other document or documents for registration when executed by her, to admit execution thereof and receipt of consideration before the Sub-Registrar or other Registrars having authority for and to have them registered according to law and to do all other acts deeds and things which my said attorney shall deem fit and proper for such transfer of the said property to such purchaser/s as fully and effectually in all respects as I could do the same myself if personally present.
5.        To sign, execute all other deed or deeds, instrument/s which she shall consider necessary for better conveying the said property to and/or better enjoyment thereof by the purchaser/s.

6.        To appoint brokers for finding out suitable purchaser/s of the said property and/or any part thereof and to negotiate terms & conditions with such brokers and to enter into necessary agreement with them and execute Deed of Agreement on my behalf as my attorney would deem fit and proper.

   7.        And generally to do, execute and perform any other act or acts, deed or deeds, matter or thing whatsoever which in the opinion of my said attorney ought to be done, executed and performed for the purpose aforesaid, or affairs ancillary or incidental thereto as fully and effectually as I myself could do the same if personally present.
AND I _______________, the Executant of this Power of Attorney do hereby agree to ratify and confirm all and whatever other act or acts my said Attorney shall lawfully do execute perform or cause to be done executed or performed in connection with the sale of said property by virtue of this DEED NOTWITHSTANDING no express Power in that behalf is provided hereinbefore.
... Description of the said property...

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF, I, __________, the Executant of this Power of Attorney put my signature on this the ……. day of __________, 2011.

by the Executant at _______________
in presence of:



(Signature of the Executant)

Accepted by me:

(Signature of the Attorney)


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